VIDEO: Surfing in Morocco, Western Sahara

VIDEO: Surfing in Morocco, Western Sahara

Wind Moon Tide, Western Sahara | The Spot Morocco, Surf camp Morocco, Surfing Morocco, Surf Morocco, Surf School Morocco, Surf Holidays in Morocco, Surf TaghazoutThis stunning excerpt from the upcoming feature film, Wind Moon Tide,  sees Derek Hynd and Kye Fitzgerald exploring the Western Sahara with single fins (or none at all in Hynd’s case) in toe.Beautiful, chilled out soundtrack to boot. We can’t enough…

If this tempts you into exploring Africa’s world class surf, then why not get involved in our surf guiding packages and experience surfing in Morocco like never before. Our surf guides have grown up surfing Morocco ‘s coastline and are passionate about discovering new and un-crowded spots off the radar. So what are you waiting for?

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