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Whether it’s beach, reef or point break you’re looking for, the Western coastline of Morocco has it all.

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Blessed with some of the world’s best waves and most diverse surf spots around, the Southern region of Morocco is one of the top places to learn, improve or practice surfing…whatever your ability. Surfing in Morocco ticks all the boxes. Depending on your ability and the conditions, we’ll aim to take you to as many different beaches within the area, so you get the chance to experience different waves. With The Spot’s local surf knowledge that is second to none, we’ll take you to some of the following world class spots and help you score the wave of your life! Surf Spots in Morocco Map | The Spot Morocco, surf Morocco, surf in Morocco, where to surf in Morocco, surfing Morocco

Beginner-Intermediate Surf Spots

Essaouira Beach: A great fun spot for beginner to intermediate surfers. The long beach has a sandy bottom with great views to both the port and Isle de Mogador (Morocco’s only island). Here you can enjoy two surf spots depending on the swell size and enjoy a beer or mint tea after your session at one of the many cafes that line the beach here.

Sidi Kauki Beach: Another long sandy beach with perfect conditions for beginner to intermediate surfers. Best at high tide and when there is little – no wind.

Imsouane Bay:One of the longest right handers in Africa lies at Imsouane Bay, making it a surfers paradise. (If you catch the wave from the port to the last beach below the moutains you can be going for up to 600m!) This gorgeous beach break is located in a small traditional fishing village, great for all levels.

Tamri: The go-to spot when everywhere else is flat as a pancake. A beach break that works on different tides, with an estuary home to camels and banana plantations.

Banana Point: A mellow long right hand point, very fun wave. Takes its name from the many banana plantations surrounding the riverbed and nearby village, Aourir.

Devils Rock: Fun and consistent with both right and left waves on a mostly sandy bottom, making it great for learners. Local cafes and restaurants on the beach making it a great place to hang out after surfing.

Crocodiles: Named so because the shape of the headland looks like a crocodile! Long sandy beach break with left and right waves.

Panoramas: Another long sandy beach break, the closest to Taghazout. Left and right waves, perfect for beginners and when the swell picks up the point can offer a faster wave more experienced surfers.

Camel Point: Sandy beach break with left and right waves. A sheltered spot making it great for learners when it’s bigger elsewhere. Lots of camels here….as well as a camel shaped rock!

Desert Point: Fun waves to be had when there is a small swell and not too much current. Right hand and offshore winds produce the perfect wave here.


Intermediate-Advanced Surf Spots

Sidi Kauki Point and secret spots: The area around Sidi Kauki offers several fun waves for intermediate-advanced surfers, including our favourite secret spot that can only be accessed by 4×4 drive – one of Morocco’s gems that is sheltered from the wind and holds it’s size well.

Imsouane Cathedral: On the other side of The Bay lies Cathedral, a beach break with right and left peaks ending on a reef, perfect for more intermediate surfers.

Boilers: An old shipwrecked boiler which still lies at the start of the wave, gives its name to this break. A strong right hand wave, with an urchin covered reef/rock bottom. A truly stunning spot.

Anchor Point: The most famous surf spot in Morocco. Best at low tide when it produces incredibly powerful, long right handers.

Mysteries: Right hand reef break, with hollow and fast waves.

La Source: A fun left and right wave with sandy/reef bottom. Takes its name from the fresh water springs that can be seen on the shores’ rock formations.

Killer Point: Another famous point break, providing epic long right hand rides. Named after the killer whales that can often be spotted here!

Draculas: Hollow, right hand, urchin-covered reef break. Named after the razor sharp rocks that look like Dracula’s teeth! Very shallow sections make it suitable for advanced surfers only.

11km and 12km: Given their names by distance they are from Agadir. 11km is one of the few left handers in the area, breaking on a rock outcrop. 12km is a deep-reef break with a perfect A frame (left and right) wave.

Spiders: The flat rock-bottomed point break in between Banana’s and Devil’s.

Hash Point: Right hand point break, with a sandy/rock bottom. Located in the centre of Taghazout. Named Hash Point because people became lazy to walk to Anchor Point after smoking too much!


Wave height, temperature & wetsuit recommendations

 SwellAir TempSea tempWetsuits
Sept – Nov4 – 8 ft25c – 30c18c – 21cShorts/Shortie
Dec – Feb4 – 15 ft18c – 26c16c – 183/2 Full Suit
Mar – May4 – 6 ft20c – 30c18c – 20c3/2 Full/Short Arms
Jun – Aug2 – 4 ft25c – 30c21c +Shorts/ Vest

Find out more about surf lessons & guiding to the above surf spots.

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Thanks to you and Zak for everything – we had a great time and it was a treat to see the Cave working so well and spend some time in Essaouira. Really looking forward to seeing the photos! All the best and we hope to see you again! Andrew and the boys. Andrew Wong

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