The Surf Cafe Cookbook: A Must Have for Surfing Foodies!

The Surf Cafe Cookbook: A Must Have for Surfing Foodies!

The Surf Cafe Cookbook CoverIt’s more than just a cookbook, it’s about eating, surfing and living by the coast…

Since moving to Morocco and spending far too much time meandering through the souks taking in all the incredible, fresh produce that is on offer, I seemed to have developed a bit of penchant for cooking new and exciting things as well as  burying my head in too many cookbooks…when not surfing, of course.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I caught light of the new The Surf Cafe Cookbook.

Cooking tips, recipes, surfing, gorgeous photography and cute illustrations…All in one place!

Penned by two surfers and general outdoor lovers, Irish girl Jane Chambers and South African born Myles Lamberth, the book was inspired by the coastal café they run, Shells, right by the sea in Ireland.

From foraging on the beach to creating the perfect brunch, the book encourages you to make locally produced food that’s fresh, fun and tasty. The perfect food for sharing with friends and family around the kitchen table, down at the beach or after an epic surf in Morocco!

Most of all, this book is for the casual cook who likes delicious food that’s straightforward to make. Plus, you won’t need to shop all day for these recipes, and most will take less than an hour to make.

All in all, a definite must-have for all surfing foodies I’d say!

To grab yourself a copy and start cooking up a storm head over to their website: The Surf Cafe Cookbook