Taryn Ferris :: London :: Feb 2013

Taryn love The Spot Morocco | Surf camp Morocco, Surfing Morocco, Surf Holidays in Morocco, Surf Morocco, Surf School Morocco,  Surf TaghazoutHi Nicola, I just wanted to email and let you know that I had an AMAZING time with you and Zak and with the boys in the group and at the Villa…I wouldn’t shut up talking on Sunday telling my husband all about it, and I think he felt a bit jealous!  I REALLY want to return, and I find myself drifting off in daydream in front of my computer screen at work…. wishing I’d been out for a morning surf… Such great memories.  So thank you a thousand times thank you. It was totes amaze! I REALLY hope to see you guys again sometime not too far off. Thanks again!

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